Hazardous Area Communications


Eaton's Crouse-Hinds series includes hazardous area communications solutions designed for explosive atmospheres and harsh industrial and marine environments.  Rely on Eaton's comprehensive range of innovative and integrated signaling, communication and surveillance systems, as well as service and support – from initial system definition through design and service.

To ensure the highest standards of safety, our products are certified to the most stringent international standards, including UL, IECEx, ATEX and GOST-R.  Furthermore, we can offer the only system in the world certified by 7 Type Approval Authorities.




Learn more about our communications solutions:

  • FHF signaling and communications equipment
    Eaton designs and manufactures signaling and communications equipment for a variety of industrial environments.  With the latest generation of LED technology and Voice over IP (VoIP) telecommunications equipment, Eaton is helping customers advance safety and reliability.
  • Gitiesse integrated multi-media communications system (IMCOS™)
    Eaton's Crouse-Hinds series includes IMCOS for the marine and oil and gas industries, offering integrated solutions for internal communications and the distribution of alarms and signals.
  • Hernis closed circuit television (CCTV) systems
    Eaton solutions include its Crouse-Hinds series CCTV systems that are characterized by low installation and maintenance cost and unrivaled durability.  These systems are tailor-made for hazardous and corrosive environments to help protect people and equipment. 
  • MEDC alarms and loudspeakers
    The oil and gas industry relies on Eaton for reliable and industry-leading alarms and loudspeakers.  Designed for potentially explosive atmospheres and harsh industrial and marine environments, Eaton offers a comprehensive range of innovative Crouse-Hinds series notification solutions.