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Production supervisor

First-line supervisor responsible for assigning and coordinating the work in a manufacturing department. Supervises hourly employees, maintains log of shift operations. Prepares daily time sheets for hourly employees, production summaries, overtime and downtime reports. The head of the function is not reported in this position even if he/she is a first-line supervisor.


  1. Supervises that the production is carried out according to the standards of quality and productivity,
  2. Analyzes in conjunction with the production programmers the production schedules to ensure the fulfillment of orders in required and / or scheduled time
  3. Empowers, instructs, and motivates staff to maintain a healthy and productive work environment.
  4. Assign the work to its personnel, as well as the change of operation to unforeseen problems; Such as lack of material, machinery failure or tooling.
  5. Coordinate with the maintenance department, the repair of the equipment, as well as the preventive and corrective maintenance that this requires to avoid unnecessary downtime and repairs.
  6. Coordinate with the Department of Engineering and Quality Assurance and with the Workshop of Tools, the elaboration, maintenance and modification to the tools of production.
  7. Analyze finished production against program.
  8. Report on production progress, equipment failures, rejected material, generation of hours, absenteeism, incidents, re work, dead time, assembly times, returns and overtime performance used
  9. Comply with the 5 S's program
  10. To fulfill and coordinate the Security programs based on the requirements of the company
  11. Ensure that the processes are carried out under controlled conditions according to the Safety, Quality and Environmental Control System (SASCCA).
  12. Participate and Comply with Security programs: STOP, SAFESTAR, ERGONOMICS, AST, ELECTRIC SAFETY, GUARDS, LOCK, etc.
  13. Report work accidents and prepare their respective accident investigation and corrective action plan
  14. Participate and Support in the implementation and development of improvement projects: Kaizen, Smed, MVP's, DMVP's, etc.
  15. Perform initial inspection of personnel, machinery and equipment.


Supervisor of Machining Areas: Extensive experience in grinding, turning, drilling and milling processes. Operation of machining centers, numerical control lathe, mixed lathe, drill and machine tools. Knowledge and use of the explosion-proof product. Extensive mastery of interpretation of drawings and drawings Supervisor of Presses Extensive experience in processes of presses, dies, drills and cutters. Operation of presses, dies, drill and cutters. Knowledge and use of the product in general. Extensive mastery of interpretation of drawings and drawings Supervisor of Washing and painting. Extensive experience in washing processes and application of powder paint Operation of electrostatic paint booths. Knowledge and use of the product Knowledge of interpretation of drawings and drawings Supervisor of Assembly. Broad knowledge of electrical Experience in manufacturing processes and assembly lines Assembly line balancing Knowledge and use of the product Extensive mastery of interpretation of drawings and drawings



accounting assistant

Classifies, examines, and analyzes accounting records and prepares related financial reports and statements. Performs special projects as assigned.


  1. Registration of accounting policies, ensuring that the documentation meets the fiscal and internal control requirements
  2. Conciliation, Analysis and Debugging of accounting accounts, giving feedback to Management regarding the reliability of Financial Statements
  3. Analysis, control and feedback to the Management, regarding the statement of Provisions, in relation to annual budget.
  4. Support in the determination of local and federal taxes
  5. Support in the attention of Local and Corporate Audits. .
  6. Support in the preparation of annual Declaration information
  7. Support in Counting Annual Physical Inventories
  8. Support in the attention of Local or Federal Authorities
  9. Maintenance of Fiscal File and Documentation Generated in the Department


Bachelor's Degree: Public Accountant

Experience: Two Years in General Accounting and Local and Federal Taxes


  • Analysis and synthesis
  • Planning and organization
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Proactive
  • Responsable



  • SAP R / 3,
  • Advanced Excel
  • Web: SAT, Tesoreria, Conagua, etc.

English 80%



mvp Engineer

Scholarship: Industrial Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Metallurgical Engineer (Titled)

  • Master (Plus)
  • Green Belt Certificate
  • Black-Belt Certificate (Plus)
  • English 100%


  • 3 years minimum experience in continuous improvement or similar position,
  • Proven experience in improving production processes
  • Proven Experience in Generating Savings in Improvement Projects
  • Experience with Six Sigma tools (Comparative Experiments, ANOVA, DOE)
  • Experience in Lean Manufacturing (VSM, 5'S, Standard Work, Manufacturing Cell, One Piece Flow, SMED, TPM, 3P, Pull
  • System)



  • Focus on results (task orientation, achievement of objectives)
  • Troubleshooting (Ability to Analyze, Develop Alternatives)
  • Decision making
  • Creativity
  • Ability to Learn
  • Conflict management



  • Teamwork
  • I work under pressure
  • Commitment
  • Planning
  • Organization


  • Handling Minitab 16 or Minitab 14
  • SAP
  • Management of Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Microsoft Project)



Product line coordinator (Marketing)

Education: Professional in the Systems, Engineering or Licentiate area. With specialization in Communications. Titled

English 80%

Experience: Minimum 3 years of experience in computer equipment management, handling of communications equipment, management of networks, management of telephone equipment.


Analysis of problems

- Decision making

- Capacity for analysis and synthesis

- Ease of speech

- Results oriented

- Decision making

- Teamwork

- Communication skills

- Resource management.

- Negotiation skills

- Interpersonal relationships

- Pro-active

- Tolerance to frustration

 - Management of communication systems with ISO-9000 quality system and environmental ISO-14000 control system

- Desirable knowledge of Industrial Safety and Hygiene

- Continuous Improvement, KAIZEN, 5 S's

- SAP R / 3 System Management