Arktite Ftm27

Eaton invented the North American pin and sleeve design over 75 years ago, and it is still the predominate product of choice in the industrial marketplace today. 

The Arktite name was selected to convey our innovative arc-snuffing design that enabled large power loads to be disconnected under load without causing an arc flash in the area.  This was a particularly important objective in the petroleum, petrochemical, and mining industries in the early 1900’s.

While many have tried to copy our field-proven, reliable designs over the years, there is no substitute for a genuine Eaton's Crouse-Hinds series Arktite pin and sleeve device.  Many design improvements have been introduced since our original design.  Each time, Eaton has taken special care to ensure the new models would still intermate and perform properly with previous models.  If you have an Arktite product that needs a mate, you can rest assured that today’s model will fit and operate in any Arktite device. FFFF

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Receptáculos y clavijas

Utilizados con equipos eléctricos portátiles, tales como motores, generadores, compresores, cintas transportadoras, herramientas portátiles y sistemas de iluminación.

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