PowerPlus™ Series Panelboards provide both premium factory sealed and value non-factory sealed solutions for the protection and distribution of lighting, power and heat tracing circuits.

This panel solution is designed, engineered and manufactured to be the industry’s safest and most dependable panelboard for hazardous area locations.

PowerPlus factory sealed panelboards are premium panelboards that provide maximum circuit flexibility with labor savings during installation, operation and maintenance, and are accommodating for future changes in the field.  Panels are pre-wired to maximum circuit capacity, allowing for easy and safe replacement or installation of components in the field, while maintaining factory sealed integrity.

PowerPlus non-factory sealed panelboards are value panelboards that offer maximum circuit flexibility and many of the same features and benefits of the PowerPlus premium line.  This value solution is provided without terminal housing and factory wiring of circuits.  The non-factory sealed solution reduces initial panelboard material costs and requires field wiring to circuit breakers and external seals to be field-installed during installation.

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